Confident to Contribute? Christian Faith and Millennial Women

Gender has been one of the most contentious issues within many evangelical churches over past decades, whether churches encourage women’s leadership or not. However, data from 18 hours of discussion among young evangelicals shows interesting patterns including a sense of gender equality regardless of church background. However, many younger women do seem to lack confidence in their voices, so teens and student age girls may need greater encouragement to speak up or use their gifts than their male counterparts.

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Reading Biblical Narrative

What have we modelled to Millennials?

Most Christians don’t think about how they read the Bible, they simply do what they have seen modelled. This research showed that this was true for young adults but far from being self-absorbed readers, they wanted to make sense of the world within Scripture before applying it to their lives. We need to consider how to inspire confidence in Scripture by equipping believers to ask deeper questions of both the text itself and their assumptions about it.

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“Millennials don’t do denomination!”

True fact or urban myth?

Many Millennials are highly mobile. For good or ill, their reality is constant transition. So, how do they chose a church when they move – again? In previous generations denomination was how you knew what you were likely to get. However, according to the Evangelical Alliance that’s no longer a category most people use in selecting a church. However, it’s not a free for all. 75% of young adults reported choosing a church from within a theological and stylistic range. They consider teaching and worship but above all the reason for choosing a church is relationship. For a generation as unsettled as Millennials, being known and knowing others who love Jesus is key and they go where they experience genuine community.

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Millennials: Bible Readers or Bible Admirers?

The challenge of biblical literacy

Bible within a Bible

Biblical literacy is a common concern for many church leaders, especially when considering younger generations. How well do those in our congregations know their Bibles? How often do they read them? This post looks at some sobering (though perhaps not shocking) findings from 100 young adults about their Bible engagement. Short answer; they learn the Bible in church, primarily from sermons and their knowledge is patchy – because often the way we treat the Bible is patchy. Don’t despair though – young adults do want to understand the Bible, they might just need some help in getting started!

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